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Helping YOU find the right home and right connections.


We work with the finest Realtors® across the country! One call and we will connect you to a professional to help you purchase the ideal home in the right community. Our agents will assist in obtaining information regarding home inspections, schools, financing, community centers, Kosher merchants, and congregations - all at no cost to you!!

The Right Connection...

Shalom Home, Inc. is a real estate location service. In going the extra mile, we are able to help individuals and families preserve their connections after moving to  a new city. The same professional real estate agent who will locate housing also specializes in his or her community.


Shalom Home, Inc. has generated much enthusiasm in communities across the country! Our philosophy is based on the idea that if people become connected with the community from the beginning, their affiliations and quality of life will be greater.

Too many families never make the connections, remain unaffiliated, and feel isolated.


Shalom Home, Inc. directly addresses this issue with the service it provides.

The Shalom Home, Inc. network connects you with real estate professionals performing a unique service offered at NO COST. As you make your move to a new community anywhere in the United States, these agents are able to help guide you to:

Synagogues of your choice

Kosher food stores and butchers

Secular and religious day schools and pre-schools

Senior activity centers

Community centers

Adult education facilities

Volunteer organizations

Youth groups and summer camps

Singles groups

Medical facilities


Shalom Home, Inc. is pleased to serve the relocation needs of all interested persons, regardless of race, religion, color, sex or national origin.


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